Market Research and Analysis

Research and market analysis are conducted by REGENERA according to methodology each time tailored to customers needs in order to answer to a specific problem or market situation.

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Constrution& Energy sectors

  • Construction & Energy Market Monitoring.
  • Distribution of Building, Energy Savings and Industrial Materials.
  • Contractors Profiling.
  • The Forecast of Construction & Energy Market Development.
  • Market analysis:segmentation, competition, potentialdemand, shares, Analysis on awareness, needs, motivations, behavioural patterns, attitudes, value chain analysis, distribution channels, cost-benefit, forecasts.
  • Decision making process including: customers, authorities, decision makers, managers and other targetedgroups.
  • Business models development –research into business.
  • Socio-economic analysis of new technologies including impact analysis.
  • Policy and legislation analysis.

    • Labour market analysis and forecasts.
    • Dissemination and exploitation.
  • Linking R&D with industries and society, exploitation dissemination plans.