Regarding our activity in European projects, Regenera participates in the P2P smart test Project within the Innovation financing framework Horizon 2020 promoted by the European Commission.


The H2020 framework program comprehends various fields, however this project is under the call “Low Carbon Energy” within the topic “Smart Grids” (intelligent electricity distribution networks).

The idea of ​​the project consist in developing an intelligent distribution system through the concept “Peer to peer” which will be able to match offers Between demand and generation bids autonomously.

 Then the system seeks to bring the Demand to Generation, becoming more competitive for Energy price and dependence on the grid. That way consumers and small producers acquire a major relevant role in the energy market.

In this project REGENERA has the role of an industrial partner, specifically supporting the development of the business model and P2P energy trading in order to enable the system implementation on the market benefiting all agents involved in it.

Find more details in the official website of P2P SmartTest project P2P Smart -Test

 And For more information on the Framework Program H2020 please See