Regenera Energy and Enviroment

Established in 2007, REGENERA is an ESCO (Energy Services Company) focused on the areas of energy and the environment.

It is paramount that companies turn their energy reduction challenge into a business advantage by maximising their operational efficiency across all production areas.

Moreover we use our experience in R&D projects so as to offer retailed solutions to meet our customer needs in the field of energy efficiency and smart grids.

In REGENERA we believe in the WATER+ENERGY nexus since both are esential resources and its optimitation end up being fundamental


Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficiency

REGENERA has an Energy Management System that allows Energy monitoring, alarms, remote and virtual energy advice in “the cloud”.
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Research and market analysis are conducted by REGENERA according to methodology each time tailored to customers needs in order to answer to a specific situation.
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Renewable EnergyRenewable energy

We design, build and maintenance renewable energy facilities for the production of electric or thermal energy.
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Electric MarketElectricity Market

The electricity market is the set of transactions arising from the participation of the market agents in the sessions of the daily and intraday markets, forward market, and from the application of the System Technical Operation Procedures.
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