Electric Installation at Ship Copifor

Within the electrical installation, four main games stand out, all of them executed by REGENERA: Installation of the Sectioning Center, including in this section all the relevant procedures with the distribution entity (Iberdrola). Installation of Medium Voltage Underground Line, for connection with the Transformation Center. Installation of 800 kVA Transformation Center. Low voltage installation.

Installation of Low Post and Last Airline/Underground Medium Voltage Transformation Center

To carry out the installation was necessary: Celosia metal supports. Galvanized metal crosshairs A galvanized metal profile. For l.A.M.T. with LA-56 driver (S/C) Tie chain U70 YB 20 (LA-56) with elongated U70PP20 composite insulators for bridges. o CCVH Poster. o XS fuse cutter, 24 KV SELA U 24/III unipolar disconnectors Auto valvular lightning rods Equipotential […]

Climate Supply, Installation and Commissioning

THE TRUTH requested the services of Regenera Levante S.L. for the replacement of air conditioning equipment in its offices of Camino Viejo de Monteagudo, S/N. Murcia (Spain). 30160. The installation consisted of different works consisting of: Disassemble existing equipment Installing new equipment Interconnection work for air conditioning equipment Commissioning of the equipment  

Hefame Warehouse Conditioning

The project involved undertaking a large part of civil work (disassembly, foundations…) and facilities, to provide the warehouse with a good installation in thermal terms. 1. INSTALLATION AIR CONDITIONING The removal of existing air conditioning and ventilation equipment was carried out to provide the ship with a new air conditioning system. A total of 2 […]

Replacing Led Lighting at Hefame Warehouse

Hefame requested the replacement of 400W metal halide luminaires from the warehouse that he has on the Santomera – Abanilla Road. After the previous lighting study, the need to place new points of light to meet the requirements of the study was detected, and the replacement of 18 metal halide luminaires, including disassembly of the […]

Comprehensive Improvement Electric Pumping System, Lot 2. Civil Work

EMUASA requested the services of Regenera Levante S.L. to carry out the medium voltage and definitive transformation center, located in the zarandona facility, where the different elements of the installation and the needs were taken into account energy powers and future sahes. The work consisted of civil works and electrical works. With regard to civil […]

Optimization work for electrical installations of aja voltage

1. CIVIL WORK The civil works part was focused on the adequacy of the shed that housed the frame, and the conductions that ranged from the transformer to the frame. To this end, the demolition of 13.75 m 2 of partition was carried out, together with the demolition of 3.02 m 2 of steeling and […]