Service Energy Manager Group TICSA

REGENERA has been providing Energy Manager service for TAKASAGO since 2013. As part of the service, an energy monitoring system was designed and installed on the main lines of the process. There are currently a total of 19 network analyzers and a smart meter and their integration into an online platform, with 27 monitored points. […]


Pharmaceutical wholesale cooperative (65>years) Implementation and management of an energy monitoring SCADA for 17 headquarters and industrial buildings (32 points monitored) Continuous analysis of telereading data and quarterly report with: Summary of global energy consumption Incidents detected and solutions Proposals to improve energy saving potential


The consortium of 16 participants from the Member States will develop the project – MAGNITUDE – within the Call “Competitive Low-Carbon Energy” and the theme “LCE-05-2017: Tools and technologies for coordination and integration of the European energy system” Only two days ago we were aware of the favourable resolution by the European Commission evaluators, which […]

Life CleanUP

Emerging pollutants (CEs) that, through urban wastewater and effluents from Wastewater Treatment Stations (EDARs), reach aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems have negative effects on eco-system services. LIFE CLEAN UP aims to improve water purification with effective and environmentally friendly technology to obtain CEs-free clean waters. Through the LIFE16 ENV/ES/000169 project called “Validation of adsorbent materials and […]


A RIS3 is an economic transformation agenda that efficiently concentrates resources in those areas of most promising expertise based on their comparative and competitive advantages. To do this, it is necessary to identify these areas, areas or activities as a result of a previous diagnosis based on “evidence”, in which the different agents involved participate. […]


This Project aims to develop and implement a new design methodology for energy rehabilitation in building districts through a software tool. This methodology will take into account both the phases of the rehabilitation process and all the actors involved in it while serving as a database. In it Regenera brings its “expertise” in the field […]

P2P Smart Test

The P2P-SmartTest Project investigates and demonstrates an intelligent electricity distribution system integrated with advanced TICs, regional markets and innovative business models. This project follows a peer-to-peer approach (P2P) to ensure the integration of the demand flexibility and optimal operation of DER and other resources in the network, while maintaining instant electrical stability, as well as […]


The main objective of the SmartGEMS project is to analyze in detail all aspects of smart grids aimed at improving reliability, mitigating security risks, increasing load configuration and energy efficiency, optimal integration and generation-consumption adequacy, as well as intelligent monitoring and control. To do this, the goal of the SmartGEMS project is to use the […]

Consulting service and Integral Energy Management

Advanced consulting services Advice on energy purchase Legal advice for legislative changes in tariffs and electricity sector Advisory service for the purchase of electricity in the purchasing modality indexed to the electricity market Information and optimization of contracts Advice on formalities with marketers Energy management services Installation of software for the management and requirements of […]