The civil works part was focused on the adequacy of the shed that housed the frame, and the conductions that ranged from the transformer to the frame. To this end, the demolition of 13.75 m 2 of partition was carried out, together with the demolition of 3.02 m 2 of steeling and boron lift. Excavations were carried out to place the conductions that would go from the transformer to the frame inside.

For the completion of the civil works, 2.08 m2 of hydraulic tile were paved, with the placement of curbs and the manual lifting of the terrazzo screed of
40×40 cm.


The first of the project’s work consisted of the dismantling of the existing Transformation Center for suitability for the power expansion that the customer sought. A 250 kVA transformer and existing cells were disassembled, also dismantling the existing powerhouse. By feeding this processing centre to the electrical panels subject to the project, the time of reform was used to disassembly the existing electrical boxes. Finally, the replacement of the offload disconnector was carried out.


After the dismantling of the annotated electrical panel, a new overview was supplied and installed. The installation and connection of the frame, involved a total of 75 linear meters of conductors, of various diameters: – 10 meters of DRIVER RV-K x 3x(3×150) + 2×150 + TT 150 mm2 0.6/1 KV CU – 20 meters of DRIVER RV-K s 3×240 + TT 150 mm2 0.6/1 KV Copper – 5 meters OR RV-K x 4×16 + TT 16 mm2 0.6/1 KV Copper – 15 meters OF DRIVER RV-K x 4×6 + TT 6 mm2 0.6/1 KV Copper – 25 meters of RV-K DRIVER – 3×2.5 + TT 2.5 mm2 0.6/1KV Copper, different PVC pipes were placed, of different diameters , for the correct channeling of the interior installation, as well as the extension of the earth ring of the earth. Finally, 5 watertight luminaires with 2×17 W LED tube and 3 240 lm emergency luminaires were supplied, along with 3 240 V outlets.