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R&D – Digital Regenerate

"Digitization of energy processes to meet the challenges of the future"

At REGENERA innovation is the engine to always be learning, improving our services and updating our products. By creating and applying new technologies, processes and ideas, we have the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and innovation solutions internationally and learn about the latest cutting-edge trends and future technologies. In the context of energy, our customers are the first to see the energy savings and the improvement of profitability of intelligent solutions in their facilities.

At Regenera Digital, we constantly work to improve the control, comfort, sustainability, intelligence and profitability of all building and industrial solutions.

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Innovation is the process of translating an idea or invention into a value-creating service. This involves applying knowledge, imagination and initiative to derive more value from resources. To keep up with cutting-edge technologies and energy innovation, Regenera develops R&D projects privately and as a partner in international, national and regional financing programs in Horizon 2020, LIFE and Innterconecta. Regenera currently has 4 H2020 projects and 1 Life project funded, in addition to other nationally and regionally funded innovation projects.

Our R&D goals

  • Digitize energy processes to meet the energy challenges of the future.
  • Turn companies' energy reductions into their main competitive advantage.

Our R&D approach

Energy efficiency, flexibility, water-energy-waste nexus, circular economy, demand response, innovative audits, smart solutions, integrated business models for energy solutions, renewable energy services and updating energy management systems.

Our innovation strategy

Develop innovative technologies together with consortium partners, and then transfer these new technologies to market through our services and products, ensuring the most efficient solutions to our customers

To achieve our innovation goals, REGENERA participates in several international working groups, attends conferences, events and seminars, develops regional, national and international collaboration and constantly shares new ideas and trends with the most appropriate partners, thus initiating the development of new consortia and solutions to environmental and energy challenges.

Funded Projects

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