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Energy Services

"Energy Efficiency, more than just a change of light bulbs"

Our department is based on making life more efficient (we propose savings in kw of 40/80), greener (we reduce CO2 emissions by more than 20) and cheaper (reductions in its cost of 10/25)

Regenerates through its energy services, it offers the management of energy consumption and the selection of the most appropriate energy source in each case, optimizing consumption, improving yields and ensuring the efficient use of energy, with the aim of ensuring the reliability, availability, cost-effectiveness and length of facilities.

For Regenera, Energy Efficiency is more than just a light bulb change.

What benefits we bring


  • Cost reduction: direct and indirect
  • Investment financing
  • Budget stability


  • Operational risk transmissions
  • Pay-as-you-go results
  • Efficient management


  • Emissions reduction
  • Use of renewable energy

Areas we work in

1_Study Area

This department is made up of technicians specializing in
studies of energy services offerings, which prepare offers tailored to the
needs of our customers.

2_Department of Operations

This department is made up of technicians
maintenance and operation specialists with more than twenty years of experience in
this sector, with qualifications in different sectors; such as industrial engineers, industrial masters and top officers.

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