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The European Union concentrates much of its research and innovation activities on the Framework Programme, which in this edition will be called Horizon 2020 (H2020). In the period 2014-2020 and by the implementation of three pillars, it contributes to address the main social challenges, promote industrial leadership in Europe and reinforce the excellence of its scientific base. The available budget will be EUR 76,880 m.

Horizon 2020 integrates for the first time all phases from knowledge generation to the activities closest to the market: basic research, technology development, demonstration projects, manufacturing pilot lines, social innovation, technology transfer, proof of concept, standardization, support for pre-commercial public procurement, venture capital and collateral system.

Horizon Europe is the future European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation for the period 2021-2027. It is the main initiative of the European Union to promote research and innovation from the conceptual phase to the market introduction, and complements national and regional funding. Horizon Europe is the extension of the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.