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Comprehensive Improvement Electric Pumping System, Lot 2. Civil Work

EMUASA requested the services of Regenera Levante S.L. to carry out the medium voltage and definitive transformation center, located in the zarandona facility, where the different elements of the installation and the needs were taken into account energy powers and future sahes.

The work consisted of civil works and electrical works. With regard to civil works, they consisted mostly of:

  • Execution of excavations: In order to make the connection between the sectioning center already installed, and the Transformation Center, the excavation was executed in the field for the placement of the conductions and the subsequent wiring
  • Terrain preparation: The land for the installation of the Transformation Center was necessary to adapt and prepare it, when located in an area with presence of vegetation. The land was compacted to ensure a correct settlement of the prefabricated shed
  • Transformation Center Installation: The installation of the PFU-7 module of the company Ormazabal was carried out, with the electrical devices inside. Given the dimensions, the cassette was discharged by self-propelled crane, including the prior study of the requirements and efforts of the crane, to avoid any type of accident.
  • Exterior adequacy: Installed the two prefabricated modules, the outside area of the installation was adapted, by installing a perimeter sidewalk to facilitate access to the facilities.