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Installation of Low Post and Last Airline/Underground Medium Voltage Transformation Center

To carry out the installation was necessary:

  • Celosia metal supports.
  • Galvanized metal crosshairs
  • A galvanized metal profile.
  • For l.A.M.T. with LA-56 driver (S/C)
  • Tie chain U70 YB 20 (LA-56) with elongated
  • U70PP20 composite insulators for bridges. o CCVH Poster. o XS fuse cutter, 24 KV
  • SELA U 24/III unipolar disconnectors
  • Auto valvular lightning rods
  • Equipotential ring
  • Lined with bridges
  • Lined with staples, hardware and other accessories
  • Insulating cover for unipolar disconnectors
  • Medium-voltage junction jobs.

For the transformation center

  • PREfabricated CTC concrete building
  • C.T. Perimeter Steel
  • 250 kVA transformer
  • Cable kit for bridges B.T. 240 mm2 Al 1xF+1xN
  • Protective equipment and indirect measure
  • Grounding for protection and service
  • Safe working procedures plate and first aid indicator