January 2021 to July 2022 – The project called ‘Hydrogen fuel cells from renewable sources for green logistics and transport’ has the general objective of developing new technologies and sectors that pose scientific and technical challenges, the result of which will lead to the opening of new lines of business.

The project is focused more specifically on the field of land transport and on the improvement of systems and business areas based on sustainable fuels with the use of H2 as fuel and also on the improvement of refrigeration systems in refrigerated transport for transport land.

HIDROGENO VERDE focuses on industrial research in different technological areas. The first one corresponds to the generation and storage of green hydrogen using renewable energy. The second technological area corresponds to the development of a fuel cell to cover energy demand. Finally, the technologies developed will be integrated and validated in real industrial environments in the transport and logistics sector.

The multidisciplinary consortium that makes up the HIDRÓGENO VERDE project is formed by the direct collaboration of numerous companies and research organizations such as IDEA Ingeniería, Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPTC), Asociación Empresarial Centro Tecnológico Energía, Medio Ambiente (CETENMA) and Grupo CALICHE, this The last entity acted as host at the initial meeting of the project that was held on February 10.

The new systems and technologies developed are based on the use of H2 as a sustainable fuel, which will reduce the emissions generated by the current systems, resulting in a reduction in the tax burdens derived from the emissions of polluting gases. All this will bring the region closer to the objectives of sustainable development and to be a sustainable economy in accordance with the objectives of the European Union, such as the European Green Deal.

Francisco David Gallego, Director of REGENERA explains, “from the point of view of innovation, we want to contribute with the HidroGREEN project to the sustainable development and the energy transition foreseen in the development lever policies in the coming years in Spain and the Region of Murcia in particular. Furthermore, the main challenges with which REGENERA looks to the short-term future are consolidation as a benchmark company in the energy sector, such as the development of hydrogen as a green fuel. “

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